About me

Hi, I’m Asha Jible. Happy that you are here in my blog. How do I introduce myself to you? As a stay-at-home mom or as a Psychologist? With what I’m currently mostly in, I am a Stay-at-home mom. A mom of two beautiful girls, naughty enough to transform a Calm and quiet-me to a monster-me, as most moms are!

Professionally, I’m a Psychologist. Currently, I’m not working anywhere but once a Psychologist, always a Psychologist as in any other profession. I was a Consultant Psychologist at the Let’s Talk Counselling Center and have experiences working in hospital, school and college as well.

Writing about me is rather difficult especially when there is a lot of difference between what I wanted to be and what I’m currently. I have read that “the topper in the class is a happy homemaker”. I don’t think that I’m a happy homemaker because I always used to slip into the other self whom I wanted to be and after a while, I used to dust myself from there to the reality. It’s during this time I feel influenced by the different aspects of life. It need not be a person; it could be anything around me. It could be a dog, a bird, wind, plants, a chair, bus anything that is around me. Everything has its own story. And the aesthetics lies in discerning the story behind it and contemplating over it. It has helped me in many ways mostly in healing myself and flavoring my life.

I used to pen some of thoughts before but was not an extensive writer and never used to keep record of it. Recently, I have decided to flush out all such thoughts that are active in my head making space for newer ones. That’s when I have decided to create a blog wherein I could publish my thoughts in as articles in The LemonGinger.

About The LemonGinger

As and when life throws at us different scenes, we at times get frozen and keeps pondering what to do. Despite of all those, what makes it worth living is the flavor we add onto it. And the flavor we add is based on our perception of the scenes which may be entirely different from what others perceive. Yet, it is always riveting to add in those spices to make life flavorful in our own peculiar ways.

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