These are my letters to You,

The One who made me, who know me

In and out, left and right.

You know you are the only One whom I speak my heart out

I know it’s been a while since I ‘ve come to talk

I’s taking a break, needed one.

Thank you for being with me, even when I’s away

But You knew, I’ve always called You And I know,

You’re always there for me.

Poor in conversing my thoughts out

Thought to put it in writings

As letters to you.

To just pour my heart out

My joys, childish thoughts

My worries, anxieties.

So be ready to get

Incessant letters

Full of uncensored, idiotic, childish thoughts of mine.

I know, you take those

Without judging me as others

Happy to be Yours.

This is how I like to pray

I’m always different, different as you made me

Which I’m happy about!!

Happy Reading to you!!

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